ENTFALTUNG (Unfolding) 2020 installation, folding screens, Hanji paper, fabric installation size variable

Exhibition view: "Wände / Walls", Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, 2020

Exhibition view: "WÄNDE/ WALLS", Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, 2020


The “Entfaltung” (Unfolding) installation was created on the occasion of the “Wände / Walls” exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart in 2020. It consists of 15 used Korean fold- ing screens of various dimensions which Lee connected to each other and covered with Hanji paper. Unfolded, this installation would correspond to the outline of the exhibition space, but Lee has set it up like an accordion, thus illustrating the different concepts of a wall. While in Western countries, it is primarily conceived of as solid masonry, walls in Asia are often permeable and flexible, as they are made of paper or fabric and wood. Thus, the latter serve to separate as well as connect architectural elements. In “Entfaltung,” Lee— who understands walls to be a second skin that surrounds us and stores information about our personal history—further questions the supposed neutrality of the white exhibition wall. If the wall paint were as transparent as the Hanji paper in “Entfaltung,” traces of the past would presumably also be discernible beneath the immaculate surface.

Text: Lydia Korndörfer